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Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery that can be considered a cosmetic procedure (to enhance the appearance of the nose), a medically necessary process (to fix nasal breathing troubles) or a combination of the two. It is a technically complex method and calls for a strong sense of aesthetics together with a profound knowledge of anatomy to form an appealing, natural-looking nose that functions properly.

We've got a group of professional rhinoplasty experts who are completely qualified and certified surgeons. They blend the proven rhinoplasty techniques with the modern medical apparatus in nasal surgery to provide the most effective rhinoplasty results to our clients. Our surgical objective is to develop a nose that looks genuine, performs regularly as well as in concordance along with other features of the patient’s face.

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To select the ideal surgeon for a rhinoplasty it is very important to consider informative and thorough examination. By doing such assessment, our specialist can examine if the individual is a good surgical applicant and the degree to which they can eventually address the candidate’s specific situation.

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Medicare and your private health insurance provider will just pay you for a percentage of the rhinoplasty procedure that is performed to enhance breathing (functional surgery). It is not possible that they will cover any part accomplished to enhance your appearance (cosmetic surgery).

You can determine what your insurance and Medicare could cover. In cases that you need a functional surgery, we can definitely assist you get approved for your coverage of the treatment out of your insurance company. Also, depending on your private health insurance package, your hospital bills may be paid for at the same time.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Double Bay - Receiving a Nose Job!

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A rhinoplasty, or frequently referred to as a nose job, is a medical procedure done mainly to enhance the look of the nose. The purpose of the surgery is to make your nose larger or smaller, fix its direction or any bumps, or adjust the tip of the nose. A rhinoplasty can also remedy any birth deformity or nasal passageway problems that cause blockage and breathing difficulties. Finally, this kind of process is conducted for patients with deformities as a result of distressing accidents.

A lot of rhinoplasty surgery candidates are individuals who are not satisfied with their nose’s shape or size. Whatever your choice is in terms of going through a nose job, it is still a subjective choice to be made together with the help of a plastic surgeon’s professional guidance.

Searching for the right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

When deciding on a rhinoplasty surgeon, it is best to find someone who have previously undergone the same process and determine whether she or he would suggest the process as well as the specialist. There is a significant difference in the expense of the surgery. An inexpensive procedure cost may also be an indication the surgeon is not quite reputable. It's advisable to verify for these details about the history of the surgeon in such area:   
  • accredited by the appropriate surgical bodies,
  • well regarded in the community,
  • a released writer of expert evaluation posts,
  • not the topic of medical malpractice litigation; and
  • somebody whom you can like and trust.
It is a very good idea to go to the surgeon’s center to observe the general cleanliness and professionalism of the establishment. Also get comfortable with the doctor’s support.
choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon 

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The Double Bay area has a lot of capable rhinoplasty surgeons. Instead of depending on the Yellow Pages or newspaper advertisements, it's typically best to secure a referral from a local board or organization of cosmetic surgeons, just like the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

You must opt for a surgeon who has already been in practice for a lengthy period (no less than 10 yrs).

Visit and have a look at the websites of cosmetic surgeons within the region. You'll obtain useful information on their websites.

You can even chat with a specialist if you have concerns. Some websites provide before and after photographs.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Regarding what you can expect from the operation, your rhinoplasty procedure will start by having an in-depth and private examination with the cosmetic surgeon. You will discuss with the surgeon the reasonable and attainable goals for your nose job. This is also an opportunity for you to become familiar with your surgeon, his previous works and testimonials. Take a look at “pre and post pictures” he'll voluntarily show you.

During the consultation talk about in detail the surgeon’s thoughts with regards to the condition of your present nose and the approaches that could be performed to get your required result. Do not hesitate to obtain another opinion when you think that is required. Don't forget it is your nose we're treating, and you alone know when you feel relaxed with the methods given. In case you are provided a sheet to sign with all the risks revealed examine it thoroughly before placing your signature to. Make sure you and the surgeon are on the “same page” about what you wish.

Your rhinoplasty procedure is going to be performed under a type of general anaesthesia known as twilight anaesthesia, which means you will be sedated, though not unconscious, for the entire duration of the procedure and you will feel no serious pain. The whole process will take approximately 2-4 hours to perform. After the surgery expect that you will experience puffiness on your nose. There is usually little discomfort, but you might feel a sensation firmness and pressure on your nose as a result of the swelling. You may also go through profuse nasal bleeding.


Probable Complications


As to feasible problems, rhinoplasty is possibly the most challenging of all cosmetic surgical operations. Every scenario has its obstacles. Reduction-rhinoplasty could cause post-operative troubles. There might be problems breathing, marks and loss of sensation including the sensation of a clogged nose, skin atrophy, and accumulation of fibres, skin relaxation, nodules and numbness caused by ointment material. Infections often cause life-threatening (toxic-shock-syndrome).

Always adhere to your doctor’s directions after a rhinoplasty surgery. About 5 to 15% of after operation complication incidents lead to a re-do.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Procedures and Insurance Cover

The rates of getting rhinoplasty procedures does not have a definite figure. Generally, it depends on the qualities of the surgeon. We've learned that the cost may vary from AU $6,500 up to AU $12,000 by researching a good number of plastic surgeons in Double Bay. The initial figure is for a day-stay while the last will be for an overnight rhinoplasty procedure. Then again, these figures might still change.

Usually, government or private insurance, does not pay cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty. However, you can find certain options that might pay reconstructions of several cosmetic issues as a result of accidents. Reconstruction of specific congenital problems might be covered too. Insurance coverage may be also claimed in cases of accidents that do not belong to a cosmetic treatment such as a deviated septum.

But, insurance providers do not provide coverage for areas of the surgery that is responsible for correcting the aesthetic aspects of the nose. To find out which areas could be covered, be sure to discuss the procedure with your insurance provider and surgeon.